Saturday Night, Mr. Green A-Go-Go


When you farm or live on a farm or live remotely, you need to make excuses to dress nice. Why? Because it’s fun. No big whoop. No fuss. Let’s take a minute to chill and reflect on the events in the week. What’s our next move? How can we do that better? What’s that sillyness playing on Pick of The Pops? Mr. Green gets hot on Saturday. Other days as well, but unlike Fremont ( our warm room ), Mr. Green shines bright like a diamond when the feeling’s right.

Cheers to you. Stand tall. Look perty.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Night, Mr. Green A-Go-Go

  1. cecilia says:

    Oh I know what you mean, i have not done my hair for .. I don’t want to say.. days! It is always under a beanie so why bother.. but i must I really must do it soon! c

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