Our Whacky Sit-Com Neighbor Has Found His Wings


… And he ( and hims ) shall take flight. Off to Australia. Back home, though this time, he brings a Swede. The malamute follows as well. A new adventure. Let’s just say this out loud to remind him: Dude, where’s the book? I’ve been waiting and waiting for CrappyBook Number 1. “Knitting In France” or “Farmer Spotting, How To Update Facebook and Increase Your Likes.” or his children’s book beginnings, “Cows Moo, Children Bother, Munson Poo, Ha Ha Ha” and “Willy Nilly Jennifer Tilly.” Or perhaps his self help series, “Help, Some Lady Just Handed Me Her Baby and Doesn’t Know The Cellphone Number of the Phone Her Husband is Carrying That Needs To Be Called Because The Cows Are Out and Other Ways To Empower The Power Within. ”

Off they go and we will miss them. This farm, like any farm, is not our
venture absolutely. It is a life unto itself and as such, it takes in life and grows stronger. It takes the life and love that goes in and produces food for the people, the wild ducks, the worms, the cows, the cats, the mice, the fungus that links the grass, the clover and so on and so forth. These boys have done their bit. The farm marches on. Farewell friends.

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