I’m Convinced The Internet Drowned In The Gers


a race track in Vic

The interwebs are still a no-show for us. The men in hats came around and it no worky somewhere underground. Boo! We’re not exactly sure what the fix is, but it won’t be rapid. I think that through Brent’s pasture improvement methods, water has finally found the means to be absorbed by the earth. An old cable that has not met these moist conditions cannot cope and has drowned. Just a guess.

a farmer’s field that has flooded and spilled onto the road

Today is sunny. Tomorrow is sunny again. And then sunny and sunny. It’s glorious to squint and be warmed by the sun.


We sit back and watch the grass grow hoping my shattered iPhone doesn’t take another tumble or we will truly be off the grid, unplugged from the matrix.

kids after their picnic, climbing on the wood pile

Perhaps that wouldn’t be such a bad thing.

watch the grass grow

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