It’s Important That You Know About This

My kids adore this youtube beauty. In English, I believe it translates to “chicky peeps.” An entire song auto-tuned with lyrics about animal noises primarily the chick. You’ll find yourself bouncing like you’re listening to a Little Richard song. It’s horrible, but cute, but horrible again then you hate yourself for smiling. But, I love the words for animal noises in other languages and this song runs through a whole lotta them. I remember vividly when I first took in this music. The internet was down. Brent was up early and flipped on some wee hour T.V. I heard a gummy bear singing from the other room something about le poussin piou. So don’t feel bad. Enjoy.


One thought on “It’s Important That You Know About This

  1. Zephyr Hill says:

    I’m ashamed to admit that I howled out loud at the end! Pleased to admit I actually followed the words of that 200 km/h singing! My grandkids will love it–and their parents will probably hate me! 🙂

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