Cows Munch In The Sunset


After a mighty wind, we are back to sun and calm. The seven bulls have again escaped castration. First, too much rain. Second, too much wind. Third time’s a charm or a snip in this case.

The cows are munching on Colorado again. Brent has worked hard reducing hay feeding while increasing grass eating and pasture improvement.

These sunsets. This happy cow-ness. This early spring, late winter chill makes your fingers cold and your heart warm.

5 thoughts on “Cows Munch In The Sunset

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Yeah, I’m not the writer. The only book I can think about writing with my thus far France experience is “Whizzing Around France.” A photographic journey of roadside Frenchmen taking a leak on this beautiful countryside. Now, I thought this was just a country deal, but apparently … according to my friend who lives in Paris, they whiz there too. So I could follow up with “Whizzing Around France: Paris Edition.” Colbert, here I come.

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