I’ve Seen Dudes Holding Lattes


Today, I’ve seen dude holding latte holding chainsaw ( I feel a Flickr group coming on ). We’re steadily chopping through Yukon. A paddock that has yet to meet the munch and crunch of the herd. Yukon could use some munching and crunching and wee and poo to get back to pasture. The herd has done wonders on some of the other paddocks that were desperately seeking Foosball er Cattle. It takes patience. It takes watching and waiting. It takes a belief that “less is more.”

Less makes rich pasture. Pasture for your tasty beef. We’re working on Yukon to cut back brambles and trees growing sideways. We chop to claim more earth for the grass that feeds the cows. And that requires fuel –
caffeine specifically – that the farmer’s wife offers to the man about the farm. He would be just fine drinking American drip, but his wife insists on a strong, poofy stove-top. If someone hands you a latte, “yes, thank you” is your only response. Then she snaps. Then she writes.

7 thoughts on “I’ve Seen Dudes Holding Lattes

    • Jean Curtis says:

      funny you should mention it. It’s actually a porcelain “togo” cup. Faux faux. Porcelain cup made to look like a paper cup that’s trying to look like a porcelain cup. I love this genre of objects.

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