Brent Pulled A Semi Out Of The Mud

And I have no photographic evidence. A picture is worth a thousand words, I know. A picture also robs you of a thousand exaggerations.

This semi had two trailers, found its way to some mud and the wheels began to whizz. In a few years it will have four trailers. A big rig with four trailers that fell in the pond and had to be pulled out.

How it got stuck in the mud is not important. Watching Brent tow the big beast with his Renault tractor was amazing. Also exciting was a proper job for the big chain. I’m mostly sharing this with you to elicit your inner “frown nod” ( a frown nod from Kevin always makes me happy ). Big chains, big trucks, tractors and mud – these are the things boys are made of made of.


Actually it wasn’t a semi truck, but a large train that derailed in the Gers. Though trains do not run in the Gers, a train derailed and right on our farm it got stuck in the mud. Brent towed it out with nothing but ambition and this pencil. You should have seen it.


5 thoughts on “Brent Pulled A Semi Out Of The Mud

  1. grasspunk says:

    I thought an Airbus 380 had a forced landing and got stuck taxiing through our farmyard.

    It was a truck and trailer combo. The driver reported it as 40m long, but that seems a little too much to me but hey, what do I know about things that don’t moo. I have no idea what that is in trucker-speak. It was not a semi.It was a Volvo, too, so you could say I pulled a Volvo out of the mud which isn’t anywhere near as impressive.

    What is interesting to me is that the truck weighed 36 tons and the little Renault tractor weighs only 4.5 tons.

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