The Kettle Calling The Pot Cassis

[ This event occurred while the interwebs were down.  As you can infer from my posting this now, my shock has subsided. Brent did a great job with this photo. ]

I have pink-eye and yes, I said that out loud.  After Brent read  “les mots” from school saying that conjunctivitis is going around, I felt a tear form in my right eye, yet I was not sad.   While Brent observed Ireland lose to England, my tear developed. I’m a wait-and-watch kinda girl, but pink-eye most definitely needs treatment. So I went to come-as-ye-may doctor office hours on Monday. I dropped my carte vital in the queue and sat in the waiting room with the many others with their various ailments.  Bored yet attentive, we listened for our name to be called while simultaneously keeping track of who arrived in exactly what order. It was a Beetlejuice moment.

I was out quicker than I got in.  The doc believed my story.  I was validated  and prescribed with the good drugs to make it all go away. So quick was I that I stood outside the shop, in the cold, windy rain ( wait, is that snow? ) waiting for France to open up again so I can buy some milk. Then this happened:

A photo sent to me on my shattered iPhone.  That’s right, two MansieOnsies™ with matching Le Creuset pots. If only the colorist at Le Creuset knew the impact they have on the lives of others. I screamed and the shop door opened.  These are the moments that you see, but cannot un-see. I will miss these lads as they run away to their next adventure. Thankfully, I’ve cached the most excellent Gifi and Carrefour ads to remind them of the life they will leave behind.

2 thoughts on “The Kettle Calling The Pot Cassis

  1. Hugh says:

    Jean: a classic! Hope all is well with you in France after the boys left. Thanks for a memorable visit to the farm. Hugh

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