Boz Skaggs, John Coltrane and A Toddler

DSC_8532 *

Brent has this theory that Toto, on their own, make self indulgent music. Music that is not for listeners, but for those playing in the band to enjoy. In other words, “crap.” If you stick Boz Skaggs as the leader,  Toto are constrained to be the amazing musicians they are and create great songs like Lido Shuffle. Even if you don’t want to like this song, it’s too late. Your toe taps. Your head Bops and things begin to feel pretty good. Trust me, I’ve tried to not enjoy Lido Shuffle for many years. I admit defeat. It’s good.

The girls are whirling around with the small music playing device these days. They love to sing and dance ( I feel a 401k coming on ). When I get it back, I start where they left off and play something to cook to beginning with that letter. Today was the letter ‘j.’ Here in France, we’re most of the way through the chocolate-palooza that is Easter. I picked John Coltrane, Love Supreme. I remember enjoying this one.  As the toddler’s happy, happy, joy, joy approached its peak, John ( can I call you John? ) really let loose to levels of eleven. A saxophonic fractal battling a two- year-old on the verge if a chocolate melt down. This is where I have a Calgon moment and think of Miles. He has paved the way for the Bozes ( can I call you Bozes? ) of the world. Miles kept John in line. Kind of Blue is a perfectly folded towel.  If John or the toddler or Toto start self indulging, fast forward to your happy kind of blue. Or a little shuffle.  You’ll get back on track changing this world one steak or one pasture or one toe tap ( technically two  toe taps ) at a time.

* Zélie is demonstrating the face I make while attempting to eat a white chocolate bunny in its entirety with coffee at six in the morning.  So good it hurt.  I love it, but I cannot continue.

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