Busy Day At The Office



Brent worked the cows and calves today.  I sit and worry from the sidelines.


and get distracted by puffy clouds.  Oh and screaming toddler.  I would very much love to get out there and get muddy with him, but the whole where’s-the-toddler-where’s-the-cow-where’s-the-husband multi-task is beyond me.  I used to grab a few hours during her nap in the crib, but now that she’s a bed sleeper, it’s on.  She has no need to check in with the parents.  Z is her own woman.  She’ll quite happily farm this land all on her ownsome.  She’s got chutzpah this one, but she’s a bit wee.  I worry the cows with their horns may be too much for her at this age and size.  She would tell you, in toddler-ese, otherwise.

The cows were worked through, with Brent taking his time and patience to make sure everything went smoothly.  It did.  Our seven ball-less boys were introduced uneventfully.  The rest of the work also went along calmly.  I love a calm cow working.  Brent did this before the herd got their daily fresh grass with the goal to get them on the new paddock before lunch. It’s Friday, you see, so this means visitors ( read salesmen ) arrive unannounced.  They did, two of them from competing companies, just as Brent was to let the herd out.  So that delayed the herd to fresh grass a bit, but they were well behaved.


OH there was mooing. They were excited to get out there and get munching. I expected a bit of a trot, but when they got to the lush paddock that is “California T” ( California because it was once a Napa Valley vineyard of sorts. “T” because this strip is the long leg of the ‘t.” ) they munched. They munched in a way that after a big mouthful of grass, one would look over their shoulder and give you a frown nod that said, “that’s all you had to say.” Spring has sprung, so the grass is in good form. It’s like giving the herd cupcakes everyday. They LOVE all the rich, green yum.
The sun came out today.  With all the waiting while Brent talked with the salesmen, the cow babies took a nap.  After the herd was out munching green goodness, one was still having a snooze in the pens.

He carried her to the herd.  He said that after he put her down next to the herd, she followed him instead of trotting off to her buddies.  She got with the program soon enough.

When you work the cows, oh there will be mud.  Mud on the glasses.  Mud on the nose.


Does my butt look muddy in this?  Why yes, dear, it does.  But I love you so.  How ’bout a shower?


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