Impatient Cow, Moo

impatient cow, moo

The calves are popping out like calves. Yesterday, the last of the heifers had a successful birth. We started this farm with these baby heifers ( and some cows ). Now, our girls are officially cows. They have all successfully been knocked up as well as successfully given birth to a calf ( is this the little heifer I carried …. sunrise sunset ).

We are expecting more calves to come from the rest of the herd. Even though the older cows have had many births, we still keep a close eye to make sure everything comes out all right. We continue to build our ‘i’ list. Brent came up with my favorite so far. It was inspired by our family’s favorite knock-knock joke. It goes a little something like this:

me: Knock-Knock.

you: Who’s there?

me: Impatient cow.

you: Impatient co… -me: MOO!!!!!!!

Each three-year-old Curtis has mastered the timing of this joke, but it takes a few goes. They always seem to wait for you to finish “impatient cow” before charging in with the “MOO!” It’s almost funnier that way.

“Impatient” is a little black female born to “Leftie.” Leftie has an  L.L. Cool J going on with her horns. One horn goes out and the other follows in the same direction.


The colza is in bloom again.  That’s our neighbor’s colza.  The fields of yellow are lovely and prime you for the sunflowers to come.   The Pyrénées are out. The grass is green.




7 thoughts on “Impatient Cow, Moo

    • Jean Curtis says:

      time to find the hose. Mother’s day gathering? Cool, fresh spray to the sisters. They’ll love it. Go middle children!

  1. Zephyr Hill says:

    I love the perspective on the top photo! We’re very impatient for our first heifer to calve and hope she’s very close to June 1 because we want to leave June 12 for our annual general meeting for the Dexter Association in Missouri. But if we don’t have the calf on the ground and doing well, we’re not going. Building your life around when a cow calves is a luxury you can afford when you only have two cows! 🙂 I hope all the rest of yours arrive safely.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Thanks, nine more to go. Is You Is is romping around waiting for Is You Ain’t to pop out soon. Good luck with the calving!

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