This Is Now


And now the first cut of hay is done.  Though it wasn’t without a bit of elfin weather magic to make it happen.  Brent managed to cut, fluff and bale with a close eye on the weather.  We are running out of cute idioms.  “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb.”  “April showers bring May flowers.”  “May buckets and we say …”  “Make hay while the sun shines, but be quick because I see a dark rain cloud on the horizon.” All this rain reminds me of Spring ( Summer, Autumn and Winter ) in Seattle.  But, this is the way it goes when you farm land.  You get very involved with weather.  It’s not a matter of “gee, do I wear a sweater and light the fire.”  It’s a matter of where do the cows graze.  Brent has some great food to graze that was seeded last Spring, but it’s too wet to run them through.  We did a change of plans and moved the girls and babies and Gremlin the bull to permanent pasture that can take the wear-and-tear of hoof to munch action in this rainy, rainy season. Did I mention that it is Mid-May? I’m wearing wool!

Meanwhile, we entertained guests ( Hi Nana!! ).
Delivered beef to customers.  Bob appetite!


And began work on “California” the ex-vineyard-turn-cowfood paddock.  Brent and new man about the farm brought in an OOOOooooooold seeder from the edge of the newest paddock to be fenced.  It still works!!!!  The little spinning dealios were happily spreading acorn smoodge and ant’s nest meal as they brought it up to the courtyard to rest in peace like an old seeder in a courtyard.

This is our hallway right before little bucket-O-love goes down for a long evening snooze. A picture painted by a friend hangs. An Ikea light fitting luninates. An old Gascon wire with light bulb dangles.

It’s still light out as we approach ten in the evening. This is now the time to wish for warm weather and enjoy the quiet.


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