The Grand Winter


Well, it is cold here in the hot, sunny part of the Gers. The wind is blowing. The cold is colding. The rain is collecting. At the post office today, they said it was the “grand winter.” The sun shines but as toot as it is sweet, it ducks behind some serious storm clouds. And brrrrrrs or blows cold to us poor Gascon farmers that quickly chop more wood for the evening meal.


Minty braved the brrr and did a round on her bike in glasses. The glasses may have helped deflect any chill blown her way.


Z was cold. Though, nothing – cold nor rain nor snow – will prevent miss z from biking around like a dork in the cold. She has a bar to set and maintain. She’s cute, she plays outside in the cold. She is a fource to be reckoned with.

2 thoughts on “The Grand Winter

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Don’ choo talk like that! They will be sweet and bubbly forever.

      Yes, I try very hard to enjoy the giggles!

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