Our Front Porch View



I wasn’t asked about our front porch view.  We don’t have a front porch, but we do have a front door.  And above is what you would see a few weeks ago right before the hay was cut.  The colza is in bloom and things seem all Spring like.  Though this year is more Winter-like than Spring.  I suspect trouble ahead as the grain farmers are finding it difficult to plant the sunflower and corn seed with all this wet.

DSC_1347Last year, we did our hay, but were still working out how to bring the hay off the paddock in time for new growth.  The alfalfa grew so quickly last year, Brent had to get out there super fast with the tractor to move the hay to allow the new growth to take hold. There were still vines on the farm.



Above you see our world without vineyards.  Brent seeded the ex-vineyards with a hearty grass ( meadow fescue ) and alfalfa mix. Also included was some crimson clover, which is gorgeous and inspires that part of your brain to hum.



When it rains, it pours.  Especially when Brent is nudging the cows.



And this is “Colorado” and me.  Even in the remote Gascon prairies, if there is a camera pointed at you, you must take the ten pounds off with a little Hollywood bendy elbow and knee action.  Still working off the baby weight here.  This is me doing a fourth plunge down a hundred pound weight gain.  I’ve lost a hundred pounds four times and I could go on and on about it, but I don’t.  More importantly, you can see me, talking to Brent – as I do – via the Talkie Walkie with a baby on my hip.  This is my uniform.  Though lately, I’m wearing wool because it’s VERY COLD!!!!



Here is the same paddock, Colorado, with the girls waiting patiently for Brent to roll out the hay already!  They are rustic cows and have no problems with snow.  After Brent rolls out the hay and lets the girls through, they often head for the grass under the snow.




Another shot of Colorado the day the vineyards died.  Bye – Bye MIss Gasconian Vine.



After the vineyards were gonzo, We worked on building the soil up with fertility and seed and large helicopters carrying guns. That large brown in the foreground grew very, very well and was just grazed and well received. The girls are not picky, but they are a bit spoiled.




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