Hay! Hey! Hay!

DSC_9168Hey neighbor! Thanks for helping us out!


DSC_9163Hey!  Look!  Laundry that gets all dry in less than two days!


DSC_9171Hay! Raked by Brent and Lulu.


DSC_9187Hey! Our yuppie outdoor chair captures a moment out of the door!


IMG_3596Hay! is a tricky process to dress for.  Lulu will tell you how to fit your out when raking the hay.


IMG_3593Hey!  Tosca is fed up with summer and patiently awaits autumn.  Crazy Retriever.


IMG_3583Hay is fun!  Hay means sun!  Hey my girls are cute!



One thought on “Hay! Hey! Hay!

  1. Heartwalk Counseling June 9, 2013 / 3:45 am

    BEYOND CUTE…DROP DEAD GORGEOUS BUT THEN SO IS THEIR MAMA !! very IMPRESSIVE ROLLS OF HAY wOULD MAKE MY FARMER GRAND DAD PROUD !! Sorry just say that the cap’s were on and too lazy to do over love from this siiiiide of the Atlantic

    Jane Sawyer iheartwalk@aol.com

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