Oh Candyland. My Candyland.


I’ve always hated the game Candyland. Now that I’m over forty, have young children, provide quality food for the community, laugh and giggle at all my husband’s jokes, I feel I can say this out loud. I’ve played this candy family game with two-year-old Lucy with excruciating pain and much squinting. The game begins with your choice. “Hey, Lucy! What color do you want to be????” then unfolds into a submissive fromagerie raclette of luck-filled card draw. Your fate dictated by the cards. You influence nothing. The first rule of Candyland, is there is no strategy in Candyland. As we have six mouths to feed ( plus dog and cats and chooks and bovines and pasture ), I find myself in the kitchen quite a bit. I enjoy this time. As I cook, the kids come in with whiteboard markers and ideas. I slapped a wallpaper white board on the fridge for reasons I don’t even remember. This has been used in ways I had not imagined. I wish I had rolled out a bigger slice of that roll. At dinner time, we do our fair share of tic-tac-doh! And “draw this shape I will describe for you.” I’m a poker man myself, but I do enjoy a pen and paper game. We also do a lot of Hangman. Minty, the third child, has created “Packman” which is a heck of a lot similar to “Hangman,” but for her ever changing rules and the ever continuous dialog: She: “let’s play Packman” Me:”Hangman?” She:”oh yeah! Hangman. I always remember.” She’s the third child, they do that the third childs. So sweet, yet so cheeky. You know who you are ThirdChildtm. I’m on to you.

Thankfully, I’m not alone. I grabbed a sedentary moment where I should be updating accounts, managing customer lists, writing a lovely letter to my mother, but instead I’m hanging on to the last breathing hours of google reader, I clicked on a McSweeney’s list that reminded me of my ick on Candyland. And he, Eric Stoveken, summed it up well.

Because, if Mommy is tired enough, you can win in just two turns.

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