A Day Of Grab Some and Build Shcrap

We had an end of the school year fiesta last night. A late night mixed with a visiting sore throat led to a very lazy Saturday. I love and hate lazy days. It’s nice to step away and watch movies or do sedentary things, but the truth marches on. People still get hungry. People still dirty dishes. People still dirty laundry. Any break away from this builds your future. Your future laundry, your future meals and your future dish doing duties. I prefer to keep on top of this stuff as much as possible. So if I’m sick, I try to be as little sick as possible.

I did manage to sneak in the ever viral game of grab a pile of Lego and Build Shit. Each piece must be accounted for. Even if Daddy’s Knex car snuck into the mix … you must account and credit each piece. It’s a lovely game that does two things:

1) cleans up a horribly messy Lego box. Ridding it of substandard non-lego, toys and fluff. I see you eyeing that ball-n-socket plastic fun. Non-lego, I know. As is the flag. And the rubber Ikea piece, yep. The purple stencil Kinder Egg part. Look, okay, stop. We’re on it.

2) challenges each player to create things with their handful without simply selling out to a robot-gun-machine … yeah, we’ve been there and done that. Come up with something new, dude.


Lucy braided her hair and then unbraided it. A straight-haired girl with new found curls elicits squeals that narrate how others will welcome her new-found curly hair with novelty and surprise ( say “sur-preeze” ).

It’s also DateNightTM. Lucy has picked out my outfit, but I’m still recovering from the outfit last night. We shall see. I shant let date night pass without looking nice, even if it’s in my nice jammies.

Z watches T-Tubbies because I’m an inadequate parent and I need her sit still for a moment while I play Grab Some and Build Shcrap. I know. TV is bad, m’Kay. But she had fun and shockingly, so did our crazy barn cat. When GrayCute chased Naughty Noo-Noo on the screen I thought, ” well, this can’t be all bad.”

7 thoughts on “A Day Of Grab Some and Build Shcrap

  1. cecilia says:

    Love your shots today darling girl, so hows the throat then! And as for bloody people who dirty stuff when you are under the weather.. well! I know exactly what you mean! speaking of which, i am going to walk right through my filthy kitchen and out the door! c

  2. Heartwalk Counseling says:

    I love tele tubby. Your mom gave me the one (purple with a triangle on it !! the one that asshole Pat Robertson all huffy – certain that the youth of america were getting some subversive message. The only message I get from Tele Tubbies is a soft gently glow and one of love = the best of kids TV

    Jane Sawyer iheartwalk@aol.com

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