Hay! Hey! Hay!

DSC_9168Hey neighbor! Thanks for helping us out!


DSC_9163Hey!  Look!  Laundry that gets all dry in less than two days!


DSC_9171Hay! Raked by Brent and Lulu.


DSC_9187Hey! Our yuppie outdoor chair captures a moment out of the door!


IMG_3596Hay! is a tricky process to dress for.  Lulu will tell you how to fit your out when raking the hay.


IMG_3593Hey!  Tosca is fed up with summer and patiently awaits autumn.  Crazy Retriever.


IMG_3583Hay is fun!  Hay means sun!  Hey my girls are cute!



The Sun Is On


And the hay season begins. There is a lot of tractorage about the commune. Brent has been cutting, fluffing and now raking before a light rain that is coming soon.

Minty opened all the windows. Z is … crap … where is she! Gotta run !!

End Of The Year Basket Meeting and All I Remember Is The Cork of Love

IMG_3566 Otto’s basketball season is coming to an end. We sat through two hours of me listening to the season recap and the season future and the Otto chaque minute when-is-this-done ping to fall upon French Punch, peanuts and gossip. The Mayor will tell you, ” attention, le punch.” But with the “poonch,” a great evening of patient locals chatting to me about things I need to know unfolded. The basketball information was absorbed so we could all move on to laughter and food. After my third plate of vittles ( that was after munching on apero nibbles ), I sipped some 2006 Bordeaux and was curious about the “love corks.” After a few “I don’t know”s, one gal said it was a recycling campaign that somehow collected bottle tops and donated to the handicapped. And all I could see was love corks. I asked my neighboring diner if he had any love corks to donate. He grabbed his belly and said “I ate my love corks” or “my belly is a love cork” or “you crazy American, why don’t you speak better French.” After a few plates of cheese and dessert, coffee and a sip of Armagnac, I left with great motivation to improve my French and a new fascination with love plugs. Oh and the basketball team did very well this year.

Z Shades


Zélie wears her neon shades that Nana gave her. In her own Punxutawney way, when Z wears her shades there is sun, therefore, the sun will shine and hopefully arrive before June. Just in time for Summer to begin. Our resident curmudgeon farmer who is one with the weather will tell you otherwise, but let’s hope Z’s shade wearing will be a little magic weather feather that brings warmth and sun for hay to be cut.