Brent Moves The Cows


And they say, ” Hey, look! He’s messing with the water bowl. Let’s check it out.”


“Hey, look! He’s moving the water bowl to the new paddock! Let’s go over here everybody!”


“oh cool, some help. Here we wait for the fence to be built. MMMmmm. Grass!”


Then they bouge.


… and bouge


… and bouge some more


And in the new paddock. Our neighbor’s visiting mum is still in the truck. Go mum!

… and, cows aside, I actually grew my own garlic! I’m so excited, I posted a photo of my lame braid. Let me tell you, though, it tastes FANTASTIC! Yes, garlic boring … cow moving exciting!


7 thoughts on “Brent Moves The Cows

  1. JillB says:

    Your farm is beautiful and I love your posts. When you chose France what made you choose another country rather than (say Nebraska)?

    • Jean Curtis says:

      We absolutely considered Nebraska and Utah and the sweet green south east. If you add in health care and free school, a second language and adventure, you can arrive at the French Country. We like a challenge. We love France. The community is most welcoming. The food is amazing.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      The violet was done before the white. My white stuff is drying in the field and is quite small. I’ll try a braid tomorrow :).

  2. mimiswardrobe says:

    Garlic braids are pretty exciting, too, even though they don’t bouge! They used to have (maybe still do?) a marché à l’ail in Marseille which was fascinating. Some of the farmers even braided dried flowers into the garlic tresses, although I suppose they were fresh when they braided them in. I still miss France! You made a good choice!

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