Oh What A Night

DSC_9693It didn’t rain! Happy guests eating, drinking and being merry in the plein aire. A thunderstorm arrived and left quicker than two-hundred bucks at Costco. After a quick rain, we were set for a dry and warm evening.

DSC_9508Serving plates were set and ready. As was the jam for the tart glaze and ketchup for the frites. The Madiran was for the servants.

DSC_9509This is a giant salad spinner. Two girls worked this beauty like they’ve been spinning lettuce for years ( a great resume booster ). Amazing beast. I want one.

DSC_9547Tables constructed.

DSC_9554Chairs set. Hair flipped.

DSC_9559Paper rolled.

DSC_9572Confit started.

DSC_9579Band warms up. Groupies collect.

DSC_9633Guests arrive.

DSC_9640Confit bubbles.

DSC_9629Apéro commence.


DSC_9646Confit ready.

DSC_9649Frites a-go-go.

DSC_9651Frites monsters arrive.

DSC_9657Boys and children run.

DSC_9661Salad ( say “sah-lahd” ) and ( insert awesome cheese photo here ) is served.

DSC_9666Man who maketh tarte aux pommes taketh a swig of a much deserved bière and leans on confit man.

DSC_9685Happy guests chat and enjoy the music.

DSC_9682Tart severed with care by some of my children. Careful now, those plates slip off the tray!

DSC_9701Coffee and Armagnac offered.

DSC_9704Z exhausted.

DSC_9707Bottles recovered.
DSC_9708Clean up.

Oh what a night!

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