A Beef Tongue No Cheek


Our resident teenager has taken action to cook the crazy bits. This week tongue. Next week cheek. She is also up for tail, liver, heart and any other abats we have in the freezer. Or find new directions with trotters be it veau or pig. Though if she does veau pied, she’ll need to brush up on her French.


As a huge fan of Iron Chef, I can understand taking an ingredient offered to you and making magic happen. Thankfully she has more than an hour to pull it together. Though, the children do put the pressure on as dinner time approaches and things don’t appear to be moving along.

She seems to be enjoying cooking with the local and available ingredients. The family is enjoying tasting her work.



DSC_9760While the kids wait, they brush up on their English reading.  Their French is amazing, so it is important to keep up with their English.  Resident teen helps with this, but she talks a bit funny.  She says, “toe-MAH-toe” and “BAH-zil” and when she vacuums, she “hoovers.”


DSC_9751Oh and it is so hot.  The cows have a lovely forest of trees to chill in.  I do wonder if I should grab some Perrier and go join them.  We do the best we can opening the windows in the morning to let the cool breeze through, then closing before noon when the cool breeze turns warm.  If you keep these old houses in cave-mode, summer sails along.  … except for the poor fluffy creatures.  They are keeping cool the best way they know how.  Laying around, snuggling and getting up to nibble in the cool morning.




Our neighbor’s cat likes to walk and stalk through the brown grass as it brings out that lovely touzelle color in his eyes.



And there is Iota.  The calf that was born up at the pens.  She’s super cute and full of life.  Her mother and sister are very calm.  I’m sure she’ll settle down.  It’s all very exciting when one can pop out of mom and walk a few moments later!


4 thoughts on “A Beef Tongue No Cheek

  1. cecilia says:

    Imagine if our children could walk that fast after birth. Piglets literally chug about immediately, no having to help them to their feet no wobbling! off they go in the wrong direction like a battery powered train. I was terrified. Most excellent to have a teenager in the kitchen! How about tripe, is she doing tripe too, oh that’s right you have no sheep.. ah well.. liver it is then! c

    • Jean Curtis says:

      and now I know why I don’t get tripe in the offal box. It’s more of a sheep thing! We do get “capeline” from the veau. I’m trying to understand what it is and how to cook it.

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