Do You Ever Go On Vacation?


We get this question a lot. There are a few answers, but let me give you some data points.

– Our family does not fit into one car. This is by design.
– Should our family fit into one car, someone will scream or yell or crap by the time we reach the letterbox.
– Our kids are able to not scream or not yell or not crap, but they are young and sometimes this stuff happens.
– Should we need to be somewhere, at any point we can abort mission and take a kid or two home without ruining the event for others. Two cars. Don’t put all your kids in one basket.

But let’s say we can make it beyond the letterbox, then what? Who would want us? Have you ever seen a family with four young children on vacation? Where would we go? Who would look after the cows? When we arrive, what things would we need to avoid breaking? How much sleep would anyone get? When would the fun begin?

More data:
– The kids love running around, making stuff, knocking stuff down, splashing in puddles and catching insects
– We like watching our kids climbing, inventing and yahoo-ing and being a bit dangerous
– I like having a glass of wine in the shade giggling with friends and/or playing cards

– Brent and I enjoy watching pasture learn and grow. We enjoy the challenge of making great beef.

I know! How about let’s take our family to stay on a farm in Gascony and get away from it all.


Meet the resident fluff. Enjoy the breeze. Listen to the owls. Watch the stars. Take a cool shower, sit in the chairs in the field, watch the grass grow and wait for the sun to set.

We have this room on the farm that was built to taste Armagnac and support the people who worked on the vines. It’s been called the party room. It’s been called the tasting room ( and the phrase in French -salle de degust-mumble ). Right now it’s where the kids go ( except wee Z ). They LOVE it. They feel so empowered. They clean up, they take showers, the forget to play video games, they make their bed, they manage their day. It has become a little kid camp led and executed by kids. We step back. Then coach here and there about bright lights and bats and insects. I sit here watching Zelie, but feel like a visitor. These kids feel joy looking after themselves. I feel joy that thus far, our kids can actually look after themselves.


Mint sleeps in the tent, Otto sleeps in the camp bed and Lucy sleeps in the double bed. In the morning they make tea followed by a cooked breakfast. Occasionally, they get bored.

I couldn’t wish a better holiday for a family with four young children.

Do you ever go on vacation? I’m not supposed to be saying this, but I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be vacating from.

One thought on “Do You Ever Go On Vacation?

  1. Gladys says:

    Bravo Lil Sis, your awareness of your bountiful life is the biggest gift of life. I agree with you 100%. We are off to the east coast and it takes weeks of preparation and a trusted friend to stay and take care of the animals.

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