One Herd To Rule Them All

DSC_9932Today started like this.  Our cows like to sleep in.  A good quality in a cow and a toddler.

DSC_9933The moon is setting.  It’s full or almost full.  There’s some juju in France that says to do this or that when the moon is full.  The tractors were roaring all night long.  I also heard distant direct voices in French, but I suspect that was the Armagnac bantering as they argue about the moon.

DSC_9939To-Do Item #134, fix the wall of the pens.  In the meantime, move the pelle over to hold the wall up in case a cow gives herself a scratch in a most passionate way thus tumbling wall and causing patient farmers to do extra work.

DSC_9958To-Do Item #12, adapt pens to deal with veal slipping under our lovely, low-stress handling gates.  They’re like sponges those veal.  They can disassemble through galvanized steel, then reassemble to their desired destination.  We used a very, very, very long ladder.  This did the trick.

DSC_9960These are our pens, notice there are no cows in them.  That’s because we have one herd.   Hot heifer herd are ready for bidness.  Gremlin the bull keeps on keeping on.   He has this way of walking.  He needs his own theme song.  He’s one bad mutha – shut-yo-mouth.

DSC_9957Z has no idea that this has been a big cow day.  She likes to work her magic whatever day it is.

DSC_9955Bug has warm buns, but a bit chilly in the paws.  He can’t be bothered moving.  What’s the cat going to do? He’s Siamese.

DSC_9944After the cows were worked, we hit a huge problem, the pelle was in the way.  Oh no!  Someone needs to move it so Brent can drive his truck back.

DSC_9950Whew, thankfully we had a heroic neighbor to help unblock Brent by driving the digger.  That grin tells you how difficult this must have been for him.

DSC_9962But they are one.  Brent will manage to keep it this way.  One herd.  This is by no means a low effort strategy when running mother cows.  Our pastures thrive this way.  Our beef tastes great this way.


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