Eating Loca


Yesterday’s confit bits, salad and a tom.

The duck was bought down the road from La Ferme de Roussa. Confit-ed by me with my time, thyme and bay. Salad from our neighbors grown in aged farm soil. The crispest crunch I’ve ever enjoyed. A tomato, red, shines and shimmers saddening all green ones. I ate a super marche tomato the other day and 1) I’m never going back and 2) I see why a tomato is actually a fruit.

I love that when I have no plan for lunch, I can pull out this sort of quality.

I nibbled some not so local Roquefort with some Saint Mont a localish wine. Rounding the corner to finish with some Chocomite ice cream. My newest exploratory ice cream flavor. I make a mean chocolate which I rarely get to taste. Add a dash of Vegemite and suddenly there is some left for me. It’s actually very nice, but I think I’ll dedash it a bit. It’s all about balance. It’s all about flavor. We eat local. We eat loca.

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