They’re In!

DSC_0084Brent went on a farm visit today. The cows have been so well behaved, but I’m always suspicious.  We still have Gascon fencing about which can fail quickly when one of our girls gets a bit munchy tasting the greener grass. All the kids had a full day of school.  I was home working steady. After a great lunch with the neighbors, I went back full steam to continue with Project Tidy.  Then, the mopes set in.  Too quiet.  Too much to do.  Overwhelmed.  Are the cows in?  Tosca, you need a bath.  I want a puppy.


You see a boring photo with cows and dry grass and trees and vines.  I see brown dots in a specific rectangle.  They are still, which means they munch.  The two little black dots in the above shot moved away from the dodgy internal fence and have joined the herd.

DSC_0088GrayCute cares not about these cows and demands a cuddle.  Go away, cat!  I’m checking out the herd!

DSC_0094Okay, big move.  Three brown dots are progressing to the water.  The water is full and in the rectangle.  We’re, good.

Two kids are sleeping.  The other two are super tired.  Come home soon, Brent!  Your steak is waiting 🙂

2 thoughts on “They’re In!

  1. cecilia says:

    Sigh! on a much smaller scale but I know what you mean, and it looks like you have crops close in too that they can get lost in.. Daisy is a horror for leaning and one day she will just lean that fence right over and off she will go into the corn.. Bad cows! You don’t want a puppy. the muddy months are coming! c

    • Jean Curtis says:

      sht. zip it. don’t give them any ideas. Thankfully, they usually start munching right away on the other side of the fence should something happen. There are roads separating the crops from the pasture which also helps. They’re well behaved cows. I’m just a new mother who worries too much.

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