Charlie Brown Love Circle

DSC_0133Last night, Otto read his poem while I was cooking Bolognese.  Were I to write a recipe on how to make Bolognese, I would absolutely include  the part about your eight-year-old son reciting a poem in French as you bubble your onions in butter.  The dish surrenders to this whispering and yields six portions without despair.

DSC_0137Also tossed in some bread without yeast.  I suppose you could call them Roti but made with Einkorn and deep fried in duck fat, so I don’t know what to call them exactly.

DSC_0135As the bready beasts were bubbling away, this is when we talked of Marcie.  “Marcie is in love with CHARLIE!” Lucy lays down.  “Charlie loves Peppermint Patty!” Lucy says.  “I thought Marcie loved Peppermint Patty?” I add.  “NO!  Charlie Brown loves the little redhead girl,”  Otto corrects.  “Peppermint Patty loves Chuck.”  “Why is the ‘Little Redhead Girl’ called the ‘Little Redhead Girl, anyway!?'”  Good question, Otto.  Things, other than Bolognese, got a bit heated.   Otto has been reading the Peanuts Gang.   He loves the adventures of Snoopy and Woodstock.  He puzzles about this redhead and all the dialog between girls and boys.

DSC_0141They go ’round and ’round trying to map out who loves whom.  Tosca, still working her award winning Retriever Chameleon Tile move, is wondering when that bubbly bread might fall …. uh be done.

DSC_0139Siamese is synaptically strengthening cuddle mode.

And this is “Pyro,”  Otto’s Halloween costume.  It’s not even October and I’m off sewing or buying stuff for the nextest holiday.  Lucy is busy committing us to the big evening dress.  I must admit, I admire her planning.


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