Insert Sunset Pic Here

Tonight, I watched the sunset.  I know people who can take a photo of a sunset.  I am not that person.  I can never get the color right.  The sound is missing.  The nervous excitement never comes across as I watch the sunset, then the brown dots in their rectangle, then pasture as planned by Brent, then more flaming clouds, then brown dots, then a beautiful gold or is it red or is it now purple.  The photo of each sunset needs more than a thousand words to convey its beauty.  If you try, you can see a gorgeous sunset every day-to-night.  That sun does that sunset thing all the time.  Even through Seattle gray, you know it’s somewhere, west,  setting.  Each sunset is a unique and special snowflake.  I miss them so often because I can’t be bothered or I’m bothered.  Tonight, though, I caught it because the pizza was served and the kids were happy and stationary.  So I slipped out.  I’ll simply say without photographic proof, ” I saw the sun set tonight.  It was pretty.”

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