Convoi Exceptionnel


We were a little late picking up Minty and Z today. A combine of Brent looking at the cows and me missing my opportunity to get in front of this beast. It’s harvest time, so the harvesters are out. I imagine it’s a lot of work driving these beauties. I imagine there are a lot of giddy farmers. Sitting up so high, slowing people down. Us little guys have to pull over or drag behind forcing us to look at the French countryside and think about what cheeses to lay out for cheese course. We have a nice cheddar straight from England, yum. Minty will remind us for years about this time, the second time, we were late.

Minty: “Remember that second time you were always late?”

Me: “I wasn’t that late, Minty.”

Minty: “Yeah, that second time I remember. You were late that second time.”

This, we will be reminded of for ten years not including the half life period.

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