Seize My Tomorrow


Learn my yesterday. The wise words of Barbie as The Island Princess keeps on giving. A proper rain with thunder joined us for lunch. When the kids see rain, they suit up and run outside.


Someone left his gumboots out in the rain.


Tosca is not fond of thunder, but followed the kids anyway. Lucy was singing that darn Barbie song. Tosca wasn’t bothered. I can’t get it out of my head and whistle or sing the chorus repeatedly.


All in, the lightening is close. Thankfully, Brent squished that Barbie earworm out of my head by “jukeboxing” me with a horrible Supertramp song. Jukeboxing is a game we play when you try and get the other family member to hum the song you secretly plant in their ear. He got extra points for a Supertramp Jukebox. I don’t remember the song, but as I rolodexed my brain all I could come up with was this…

2 thoughts on “Seize My Tomorrow

  1. Gladys says:

    I use what I call “annoying songs” to help with memorizing patterns and concepts in Spanish. A very powerful tool. Kids love them

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