She Devil


Minty’s true spirit was unleashed during the Halloween celebration of 2013.


She was to be a devil. No problem. Oh, sorry, did you need a costume?

She is loud-quiet-loud our Mint Mint.


Brown Cow Dots


The kiddies are on vacation so I can’t get out there with Brent and the girls.  I sit by the water and electricity in case we need to adjust things from the main house.  On this day, Brent and Kevin moved the herd from Nebraska to Yukon.  The weather has been amazing so we’ve been able to graze the paddocks without hay.

DSC_0810After the new section is ready, Brent calls the brown dots.

DSC_0813They drool at the sound of his voice ( as do I ) and they calmly walk to the gate.

DSC_0816The grass is aceptable, silly spoiled cows, they move along and munch instantly.  I love it when they do this.

DSC_0818The little ones push them along and a square of Yukon is explored.

DSC_0819They make their way to the oak trees.  Oak trees are cow crack.  They also provide wonderful shade and wind block.

DSC_0822After a tree munch, the brown dots are still, enjoying their afternoon tea.

Spaghetti with Meatball, Says Minty

Yummy Spag Balls!

Girl On Grill Action


Minty uses her Jedi mind tricks to do many things like buy Cadbury Dairy Milk, dried sausage and choose what we eat for dinner.  Well, technically, fettucini or linguine or very flat noodles with meatballs. No matter, you make, you boil, you eat with sauce and stuff, ’nuff said.

I didn’t think to write up Spag with Meatballs until I was well on my way. Mostly because I’m sick. I feel like resting as this old dog would do.


or sun bathing like this young barn cat.

DSC_0983Yet people need food and our kitchen needs to keep on keeping on.

Noodles ready.  I made them with spelt.  In French it’s called “épeautre.”

  • 1 1/2 cups of spelt
  • two eggs

mix and knead. roll in a pasta roller

Sauce on. Very simple. For kids, I try to avoid too many notes.

  • 1 small onion
  • a bit of garlic
  • tomato paste
  • big…

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Bavette, Gets ’em Wet

Flank Steak! Tasty. I might try it braised next time :).

Girl On Grill Action

DSC_0876A  simple cut for a fry pan.  I’ve sizzled up many a bavette and each time I wonder if maybe I could have finished up in a hot oven.  Yet each time, after a quick hot fry, it comes out juicy and tasty.

This is before:

DSC_0852It’s a Bavette.  100% grass-fed beef bavette from our farm.  In English, we call it a flank steak.


Hot pan a go-go.  A minute or so on one side,


Then introduce the other with the hot heat and some gros sel.


The hot duck fat gets that beef to be yum with a few flips.



After a rest, some pepper and a pat of butter, dig in.  I had no veg with this guy because I’m preparing Bambi.



Bambi is soaking.  The kids had manchons de canard or Gascon Buffalo Wings as I like to call them.


Kevin fell victim to the…

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Veal T-bone

That was a tasty t-bone!

Girl On Grill Action

DSC_0760We recently sold out our veal boxes.  Thankfully, we managed to grab a t-bone to assess our quality.  Every time we sell meat, the fry pan goes on and we sample to make sure the work put in for tasty meat is going along smoothly.  Tasting a veal t-bone is a perk of farming grass-fed beef.

DSC_0737In France, it’s called a “cotes/filet a griller.”
DSC_0735In any language, it looks delicious.

DSC_0738I fried in a fat that can take heat.  Grass-fed tallow was ready to go.

DSC_0740After a gros sel, in to the hot pan for a right browning.

DSC_0743Then a flip.  And another flip and another flip.  I don’t eat veal rare, but I suppose you can.

DSC_0742Onions, shallots and garlic are ready to mop up the fond.

DSC_0747As the t-bone is resting, butter goes in for a meltdown.

DSC_0748The OSG absorb the butter as they mail-it-in as sauce…

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Hot Chocolate for Late Night

Hot Chocolate!

Girl On Grill Action


We live in the heart of Gascony.  This means duck, wine, beef!, floc and Armagnac.  I love Armagnac.  These farmhouses get cold in the winter and nothing warms your body like a hot, hot chocolate with a splash of Armagnac.  It’s a bit chilly now, but not that bad.  Though we like to practice and prepare our winter habits in advance especially after a long day and especially when Die Hard 2 is up for viewing.

  • Cacao Powder, 3 soup spoons
  • Suger, five soup spoons then taste
  • Milk, 1 litre
  • Cream, 1 cup
  • Armagnac, shot per cup or less

DSC_0778We have a big jug of Armagnac.  I pour it into something that will pour it into something smaller as to not lose any along the way with silly overpours.  The cup on the right is for the cook.  I have my Gascon Hot Chocolate neat, hold the chocolate.

But for…

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All Kids Love A Digger

DSC_0702 Kevin is flattening some surfaces. He’s getting a little help from some friends. DSC_0706 If you look closely and cross your eyes, you’ll see a Kevin in this picture. DSC_0709 “The Pelle Wuz Here” DSC_0720 Kevin showed Otto how the controls work. DSC_0723 This took his Minecraft brain  and added gravity, controls with feedback and a splash of reality. DSC_0725 Oh look! He delivered a rake!

P++ Plus Happy Cows and Generous Offerings

DSC_0520Our friendly farmer friends popped over for a visit.  A spot of tea and some amazing gifts from the garden, they wondered off to say, “hello,” to the girls.

DSC_0527They brought some hot hot peppers.  Substance P has an iteration.  Brent named it “P++.”  Hotter and more dangerous than Substance P.  P++ is the guy in the ‘R’ rated movie.

DSC_0530And then the tomatoes.  Green ones, red ones, yellow ones, lovely ones.  They brought tomatoes for the whole farm!  … and some not so hot peppers.

DSC_0537The boys did our annual driveway-pothole fixin’ and grabbed some gravel to help things along.  These are the moments when you say to yourself, ” I need gravel. I wish I had a … wait! I have a truck!”  We love our truck.  White Toyota Hilux.  Reliable. Strong.  Fun to drive.  Not many features.  A number one pick by off-roading homeboys and the Taliban.

DSC_0539Another load is needed to finish the job.

DSC_0544The tomatoes were processed quickly.  Kevin sharpened the knives.

DSC_0547The time for fresh basil is over.  It was 2C today and it’s time to prepare for that cold weather deal.

DSC_0548My garlic has come to an end.  I’m going to quadruple the garlic this year.  We go through a lot of garlic, this family.

DSC_0550Basil in.  Tomatoes surrendering to yummy tomato sauce no doubt topping some yummy beef.

DSC_0551Rye bread and Spelt ready for the Rye bread Spelt bread taste off.  It’s been a steady day.  A great day.  A cold day.  Another day that feels like two days.  Bon Weekend!