P++ Plus Happy Cows and Generous Offerings

DSC_0520Our friendly farmer friends popped over for a visit.  A spot of tea and some amazing gifts from the garden, they wondered off to say, “hello,” to the girls.

DSC_0527They brought some hot hot peppers.  Substance P has an iteration.  Brent named it “P++.”  Hotter and more dangerous than Substance P.  P++ is the guy in the ‘R’ rated movie.

DSC_0530And then the tomatoes.  Green ones, red ones, yellow ones, lovely ones.  They brought tomatoes for the whole farm!  … and some not so hot peppers.

DSC_0537The boys did our annual driveway-pothole fixin’ and grabbed some gravel to help things along.  These are the moments when you say to yourself, ” I need gravel. I wish I had a … wait! I have a truck!”  We love our truck.  White Toyota Hilux.  Reliable. Strong.  Fun to drive.  Not many features.  A number one pick by off-roading homeboys and the Taliban.

DSC_0539Another load is needed to finish the job.

DSC_0544The tomatoes were processed quickly.  Kevin sharpened the knives.

DSC_0547The time for fresh basil is over.  It was 2C today and it’s time to prepare for that cold weather deal.

DSC_0548My garlic has come to an end.  I’m going to quadruple the garlic this year.  We go through a lot of garlic, this family.

DSC_0550Basil in.  Tomatoes surrendering to yummy tomato sauce no doubt topping some yummy beef.

DSC_0551Rye bread and Spelt ready for the Rye bread Spelt bread taste off.  It’s been a steady day.  A great day.  A cold day.  Another day that feels like two days.  Bon Weekend!

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