Brown Cow Dots


The kiddies are on vacation so I can’t get out there with Brent and the girls.  I sit by the water and electricity in case we need to adjust things from the main house.  On this day, Brent and Kevin moved the herd from Nebraska to Yukon.  The weather has been amazing so we’ve been able to graze the paddocks without hay.

DSC_0810After the new section is ready, Brent calls the brown dots.

DSC_0813They drool at the sound of his voice ( as do I ) and they calmly walk to the gate.

DSC_0816The grass is aceptable, silly spoiled cows, they move along and munch instantly.  I love it when they do this.

DSC_0818The little ones push them along and a square of Yukon is explored.

DSC_0819They make their way to the oak trees.  Oak trees are cow crack.  They also provide wonderful shade and wind block.

DSC_0822After a tree munch, the brown dots are still, enjoying their afternoon tea.

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