Youll Be Doin’ All Right, With Your Christmas of White

Yeah, we’re here.  Kids are singing.  Advent pre-excitement is bustling.   The kids are ready for Christmas.  Since France doesn’t do Thanksgiving, we feel November and make a move for Christmas.  No need to wait for Turkey.  Dude, it’s on.  I feel like I should pre-advent the advent chocolate.  It’s dark and cold and without all the water balloons, inside fun might need a nudge.


The Boys Are Back In Town

A ball-free farm no more.  Our hunk-a-hunk-a burnin’ love have arrived.  Spread the word around, guess who is back in town.  Three boys will meet their ultimate fantasy.  Hot, horny heifers and mamas ready for Super Mario breeding action.


Brent chose three to sort out who would be good.  I feel a bull reality serious coming on.  One will be castrated.  One might make another year of full-on bovine lovin’.  On veut voir.

Lovin’ that beanie!


We and Gary checked out the new boys.  I checked out the shoes.  Above, Gary.  Below, Brent.


Below me, a cat.



The boys seemed to settle in calmly.  I love this.  They have not met before, so it’s very cool that they work the hierarchy without smashing fences.  Go Bulls!
If that chick don’t want to know, forget her, she’s beef.

The nights are getting warmer, it won’t be long
Won’t be long till summer comes
Now that the boys are here again



The boys look great!  They love the hay!  They love the grass.  They’ll be so lucky to meet the girls.  I can’t wait!

Standard Technical Posture


I knew in my heart that one must stand in the back of the Hilux ( mind the playhouse boys! ).  What with four crazy chitlans, I focussed on safety over necessity.  “You’re not in the cab!  You’re standing in the back!”  I confront.  “It’s the way, the only way, to ride!” says he.  I suppose he’s right.  My three-year-old rode back from the bus as a three-year-old and a fellow bus rider … she stood with her dad, giggling the whole way.  Always a driver, I’ll need to feel this freedom.



Operation Release Beast is amazing.  So calm and lovely.  I can’t wait to see giggling and picnics in a few months ( I love that a “few months” could be warm. )


Without the coop, you can see the herd munching away on their hourly section.


I will not miss this coop because two years in a row it gave me mites.  Poor chooks, they had to retreat to “Chicken Tiki” for health and safety.


Some right-hand finds yield no-good as loners.


Metal mixed with weed will honorably proceed to their destiny.


The truck is ready for the dump / the tip / the déchetterie


Brent is pointing at standing, Hilux man, curious about a photo and curious about dinner.


It’s Nearing Winter, Time For A Water Balloon Fight!


Z turned three. No more two-year-olds for awhile now ( or maybe five years 😉 ). Where there are birthday parties, there are balloons. Otto and Minty, at last feeling healthy, took it upon themselves to set up a water balloon fortress. I’m not sure what the weather is exactly, but it feels like 1C. I’m cold, cold, cold. We are also sick, sick sick. I’ve never been the type to catch a cold, but this year made up for previous years.


Cake went off well, thanks Lucy!  Extra bonus, a picture of Z with three candles to prove that, yes, I am a good mom.  Whew.  That was close!


Sisters patiently waited for singing and merriment.



Jam cake was well recieved.


Bubbles can never go wrong.


Watch out!


She’s very sneaky, that Mint.

Unleash The Beast


There is a worker guest on the farm. He wants to do some hard work. I love hard work.  Some projects quickly came to mind.

The chickens used this space that rests by the villa when we first moved to the farm.  It worked well, but the coop had some issues.  The girls have moved to more luxurious accommodations facing the north side of the farm.  This job required a digger, of course.  I think you can work in the need for a digger to any and all projects.


A large chain, a pick-up truck.  This was definitely hard work with a grin.

Neighbor and guest worked hard demolishing the coop.  “Unleash the beast!” I think he cried.  It may have been, “Release the beast!”  I don’t remember, I was laughing out loud.


After the fence came down and the posts were being removed, the boys noticed a long trench of concrete.  The hard work just got harder.  I told the guest that this was our chicken coop.  He was very interested, “what sort of chickens were they?!”   With such intense caging for chooks, I can appreciate the concern. ( I feel an iPad app coming on. )

The “coop” was actually a hunting dog den.  Not our dogs, but the previous owner.  Judging by the extremely high fences, I’m curious what sort of dogs they had!



The villa is going to look much better without this eyesore.  The grass should grow quickly.  I’m very excited to see the end result.  Thanks for the hard work guest and neighbor!! We’re bringing over some cake!


Country Folk Meet iPad


Mac iPad, Microsoft Napkin … I’m not sure what it was, but the kids and we had a lot of fun free styling with the Paint program. It was so easy and quick. It listened to your every tap and drag.

Minty rustled up a GrayCute.

Image (46)

And some flowers, but doh! mirror that!

Image (40)

Some Milkshake, our toughest barn cat.

Image (47)
Minty also did a little visual test for you. Do you see a young lady or an old Gaga retrieving pizza from Papa Gaga.

Image (23)
Rocks meet { insert cow } meet grass meet t-bone.

Image (2)

I think our little palindromic Otto did this.

Image (27)

He did this one as well. Cute, but not as cute as the real daddy.

Image (24)

Not sure who did this one.  Amazing, they managed to capture the Channel 95 “Red Dream” without error.

Photo on 2013-11-13 at 17.36 #3
Mr. K doing some hard work on the farm.  Love the fro, Kev!

Image (4)

Landscape #44 by Otto. He’s working on shadow. You can feel that sheep leap!  Landscape #32 was amazing, when Canon delivers my yellow, I’ll have to scan it for you.

Image (5) He also loves his flags
Image (14)

Lucy did this one

Image (48)

… and she would be pleased to tell you that her little sister followed suit.

Image (25)

If you have a little sister you will pick up on the sarcasm there.

I Pick Up Farmers

On the way back from a school run, I found this guy. Bovines moved and munchy, he’s ready for a lift home. Though, he doesn’t need it, he enjoys walking back and reviewing the pasture, planning the next cow move.

… and I’m LOVING that Seahawks beanie!

Dear Canon,

Bon Jour à tous!

I am but a humble farmer and let me tell you, I LOVE  the color yellow!  Love it!
Yellow is the color of France in July with the beautiful sunflowers.

Yellow is a well crafted, free-range egg yolk fresh from the chicken’s bum.

Yellow is the color of this festive balloon played with by a slightly ignored third child. Oh but we love her ever more.

Yellow surrounds this happy group digging up stuff with our digger.


Yellow is the color of my husband’s shirt as he gently handles the cattle.

Yellow is the color that peeks through on a snowy day from our tractor.

Yellow lies at the end of the Tarte aux Pommes rainbow

You see, I’m a huge fan of yellow and a fan of all colors for that matter.  And, yes, I will replace your ink cartridge, it’s in the mail. But I need a black and white copy, you see.  A fresh black tank has been clicked in. So simple.  It’s very black and white.  Yet, you deny me.  I feel like a hostage in your global ink domination. I’ve asked a friend to help with copies.  I am ready to scan, Mr. C, can I call you Mr. C?  Adding insult to injury, you won’t let me scan.  I cannot scan, man.  I cannot scan.

Getting Reacquainted With Her Inner Puppy


It’s getting colder these days. Not as cold as the cold of 2010, but winter is clearly approaching. The mice have decided to charge the maison because 1) they did book ahead and 2) they need somewhere to warm their pattes while the have babies. Lucifer, the mouse trap, is locked and loaded.


We don’t have weekly garbage service, you see. We take our garbage to the local bins. I try to do this often. Sometimes, on days like today, where we really don’t go anywhere and a trip to the garbage bin is a trip all by itself, the bag will stay the night in our cellar. Tosca has worked out this deal with the mice – they start nibbling the bag and she’ll tuck in after. Clever girl our Tosca. It’s a win-win for her and our pests. Sadly, we’ll have to crush this little negotiation, though, it’s lovely to see Tosca find her inner puppy and get into garbage like back in her young puppy days.