Dear Canon,

Bon Jour à tous!

I am but a humble farmer and let me tell you, I LOVE  the color yellow!  Love it!
Yellow is the color of France in July with the beautiful sunflowers.

Yellow is a well crafted, free-range egg yolk fresh from the chicken’s bum.

Yellow is the color of this festive balloon played with by a slightly ignored third child. Oh but we love her ever more.

Yellow surrounds this happy group digging up stuff with our digger.


Yellow is the color of my husband’s shirt as he gently handles the cattle.

Yellow is the color that peeks through on a snowy day from our tractor.

Yellow lies at the end of the Tarte aux Pommes rainbow

You see, I’m a huge fan of yellow and a fan of all colors for that matter.  And, yes, I will replace your ink cartridge, it’s in the mail. But I need a black and white copy, you see.  A fresh black tank has been clicked in. So simple.  It’s very black and white.  Yet, you deny me.  I feel like a hostage in your global ink domination. I’ve asked a friend to help with copies.  I am ready to scan, Mr. C, can I call you Mr. C?  Adding insult to injury, you won’t let me scan.  I cannot scan, man.  I cannot scan.

2 thoughts on “Dear Canon,

  1. Gladys says:

    At work I take out the ink cartridge and bang it on the counter. That usually gets me a week. Anyone can do it but they come and ask me, as if I have some expertise.
    Lovya hermanita.

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