Unleash The Beast


There is a worker guest on the farm. He wants to do some hard work. I love hard work.  Some projects quickly came to mind.

The chickens used this space that rests by the villa when we first moved to the farm.  It worked well, but the coop had some issues.  The girls have moved to more luxurious accommodations facing the north side of the farm.  This job required a digger, of course.  I think you can work in the need for a digger to any and all projects.


A large chain, a pick-up truck.  This was definitely hard work with a grin.

Neighbor and guest worked hard demolishing the coop.  “Unleash the beast!” I think he cried.  It may have been, “Release the beast!”  I don’t remember, I was laughing out loud.


After the fence came down and the posts were being removed, the boys noticed a long trench of concrete.  The hard work just got harder.  I told the guest that this was our chicken coop.  He was very interested, “what sort of chickens were they?!”   With such intense caging for chooks, I can appreciate the concern. ( I feel an iPad app coming on. )

The “coop” was actually a hunting dog den.  Not our dogs, but the previous owner.  Judging by the extremely high fences, I’m curious what sort of dogs they had!



The villa is going to look much better without this eyesore.  The grass should grow quickly.  I’m very excited to see the end result.  Thanks for the hard work guest and neighbor!! We’re bringing over some cake!


2 thoughts on “Unleash The Beast

  1. Jean Curtis says:

    Yikes! That was some serious fencing!

    Guest, sure, but the digger is ours. You’d have to pry it from our dude hands :). Everybody loves a digger!

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