Standard Technical Posture


I knew in my heart that one must stand in the back of the Hilux ( mind the playhouse boys! ).  What with four crazy chitlans, I focussed on safety over necessity.  “You’re not in the cab!  You’re standing in the back!”  I confront.  “It’s the way, the only way, to ride!” says he.  I suppose he’s right.  My three-year-old rode back from the bus as a three-year-old and a fellow bus rider … she stood with her dad, giggling the whole way.  Always a driver, I’ll need to feel this freedom.



Operation Release Beast is amazing.  So calm and lovely.  I can’t wait to see giggling and picnics in a few months ( I love that a “few months” could be warm. )


Without the coop, you can see the herd munching away on their hourly section.


I will not miss this coop because two years in a row it gave me mites.  Poor chooks, they had to retreat to “Chicken Tiki” for health and safety.


Some right-hand finds yield no-good as loners.


Metal mixed with weed will honorably proceed to their destiny.


The truck is ready for the dump / the tip / the déchetterie


Brent is pointing at standing, Hilux man, curious about a photo and curious about dinner.


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