The Sun Is On


A warm day today!  I think we hit 6C, which is a lovely temperature after the negative C’s we’ve been having.  This evening, the sun came out and reminded us that it is still hot and shall be warming us very, very soon.  But first, some Christmas.  Oh and some January.


“Richter” one of the new bulls on the farm ( named by Brent for his amazing 9.5 score on the bull scale ), is enjoying the bright while snuggling into some hay.  You’ll be with the girls soon, Richter,  munch up you’ll need the energy.


The sun also shines on the hills and a farmer tidying up before he takes his daughter to fencing.


The sun also warms up the brick walls of our old Gascon farmhouse.  The cold is winning, but the fire inside keeps hope alive.


Tosca is finishing up her great find.  Could be a small bunny, an old bone or maybe she’s practicing her smile for when a small puppy might arrive.  Or is that a growl…

DSC_1607Mint is out without a coat, sweeping up.  I’ve tried several times to chuck that old broom, but the kids keep bringing it back into their games.  I must admit, it’s a solid broom, but too short for me to use.  Evidently, it can fly!

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