Ho Ho, Merry Christmas, Bonne Fête à Tous and All The Rest


I have yet to write a Christmas letter.  I LOVE reading Christmas letters.  It is fantastic to see how well everyone is doing.  We once received a Christmas letter that was quite macabre.  I kept that one.  They totally said that out loud.

I’ve always toyed around with writing a Christmas letter that didn’t highlight the highlights of the year.  I was thinking something like a 2013 post-mortem listing all the ways we messed up throughout the year.   That’s not all that interesting for others.  Instead, I’ve done a review in pictures.  I suppose I’ll stick with that theme.  The cows have been well behaved minus a few advances to the next paddock.  We suffered from the one gastro bug ( Brent and Z excluded ).  My yuppie cashmere has finally started  showing fatigue … or is that patina.  I should be …uh …  Jean should be writing this in third person.  Jean took a few photos during deux mille treize that sum up our year.  Except for the part when Jean was dealing/raising a small dragon with her hunky husband.  Z is in school now, so we share training our dragon with the village.  Sometimes, it takes a village to train a dragon.


This barn cat is useless.  His fluffy, gray fluff will not distract from the fact that he is no mouser.  What a puffy gray fat pat!


Frites fried in tallow taste good. McDos was right!


This year, we used the big chain.  I don’t remember what for, but … we used the big chain!


An over-the-top solution to keep your fence up.  But isn’t it fun to drive the digger?


I discovered Madiran.  Yum yum Madi-yum.


The internet went down in 2013.  A few days ” offline.”  Crazy times.  Bumble bees were roasted.


It snowed!  And it was beautiful!  And then it went away!

Veal box!  So tender and so tasty.


We lost our happy neighbors to the great warm that is Australia.


We deliver to Bordeaux!


Bordeaux is beautiful!


It rained a lot.


The girls are loving the pasture.


This is breakfast.


The rye grass worked out well.


We have super cool new neighbors!


Z still loves her hats.


Our neighbors grow big lettuce.


I sat!

Lucy got really into cooking.


Kevin visit!  Oh the kids love Kevin.


Kids and Kevin do … Jean doesn’t know what they do.


Brent and Kevin test out the big frigo van.


Brent packs boxes for our customers.


The boys drink some hot cocoa.


My outdoor chair saw the light of day!


Minty stood still for her wax statue.


Z started school!  She can’t stop talking in French.  This is great for Jean’s French language education.
The family loves the siphon!  The tongue deal is not my line of genetics.


Nana cuddled with the girls.


Otto made a Tetris game with Lego.


Lucy is running the chicks.  Her forty beauties are laying well despite the cold.


Z helps in her super, wet barriered bear slippers.


Brent got a bit muddy.


Otto snapped this of Jean doing the Sunday sheet change.  You can tell Jean really loves the Sunday sheet change.


We set sh*t on fire.


Hunka hunka burnin’ love arrive.


This poor dog hit an all time doggy low with the floaty.


A new fluff-ball will arrive soon to start off our 2014.

A very merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year.  What are you up for next year?  Are you feeling calm?

12 thoughts on “Ho Ho, Merry Christmas, Bonne Fête à Tous and All The Rest

  1. JillB says:

    Merry Christmas from San Diego.
    Thank you for your wonderful blog! I live in France vicariously through you. I feel like a long lost auntie peeking in on your life.
    I am looking forward to your new year adventures!
    Happy New Year to you.
    May it be Joyous and Prosperous!
    Jill B.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Viva le San Diego! Next year should be exciting. We have a lot of lovely beef to sell. 2014 should be very busy!

      I miss that sweet inhale of salty sea surfy breeze. Hang loose chica 😉

  2. cecilia says:

    And a merry bloody christmas to you too! Your photos are always so gorgeous, hope you wore the lippy for sheet changing day.. new pup looks ridiculously sweet.. have a great time in the Silly Season.. c

    • Jean Curtis says:

      Damn straight I wore lippy! I’m working through my entire yuppie lipstick collection until there is no more. Then … I will buy some more. But at Gascon rates ;).

      • cecilia says:

        I am off to pick up the christmas pork and ham, at my little locker.. I shall put on some bright lipstick and scare all the men in their bloody white coats, just for you!.. c

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