A Trip Down Memory Lane

Ken's Head Has Been Found


The kids pretty much laughed out loud at this dude … er .. dudette … er k. I dunno, but we all shared a smile and were relieved that Ken’s head was at last recovered.



This guy just sipped some Stroh 80.  It pickles your face, evidently.

Baby the Large Zucchini


Otto tucked in a marrow.



Our first Christmas tree on the farm.



Don’t drop that baby!



” Cotinbow. ”  One of my favorite Otto pieces.

retriever mind tricks


Somewhere, somehow a retriever is watching.

and the cow jumped over


We had Mirandaise!  They were spirited.



Heifer ” 33 ” is known as “shit-head.”  A classic case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  She is a cow now how now?  And a great mum.

Kevin the Cockerel


R.I.P. Kev.  You were a good rooster.  A great rooster that delivered some lovely chicks.



The kids remembered, but I forgot about “Payback”  … we’ll finish up with that name.



Triangle North: a fertile paddock that keeps on giving.  LOVELY grass.  It’s happy to be alive.


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