To Kid Or Not To Kid?


You are twenty-four, how many kids do you want?  NONE!?!?  Okay, you are now sixty-five, how many kids do you want? TEN!  TWENTY!

My mom had six and I think she’s reaping the benefits.


That is the question.

So much of life can be spent without children.  They are conceived and born and grow so quickly.  Those “old” people always say that, but it is actually true.  My little bubble is three.  Our last bubble ever.  She is SO cute ( and so horrible at the same time ).  Yet when you think of having kids, you think about the impact they will have on your totally awesome life.  It’s quite possible you will sit less.  You might have to put that book down and get a water bottle for them.   A hot dinner can be somewhat of a distant memory.  If someone on the internet is wrong, you’ll need to save that draft and carry on after bedtime.




These inconveniences are temporary.  Soon they will grow older.  As a lovely friend of mine described: as their age increases, so your I.Q. Decreases ( S. McM ).  “Mom!  You don’t know anything!” Family photo not into it

… Yeah, you are probably right.  Mum has a right case of the baby head.  It takes a few years to get over that baby-crawly-toddler deal.  I used to do math in my head.  Fuck that.


Kids are great.  I never thought I’d say that, but they are so insightful.  Completely raw with their thoughts.  Beautiful art.  Way too curious.  Eat WAY too much food.  Sleep WAY too much.  Loving beings.


Have you hugged a kid today?  

11 thoughts on “To Kid Or Not To Kid?

  1. cecilia says:

    I often see the ironic, edgy, funny and clever side of you..(the one I would love to share a bottle of something with) this post is so beautiful.. Love the shot of you and hubby and bad babies.. ADORE the shot of Gran and her babies.. love to share a bottle with THIS Jean too.. you are aware I suppose, tho your IQ is deeply mitigated by now, that there are TWO bottles of something in our future. I shall supply the hips, you supply the kids, mine are way too big anymore.. c

  2. grasspunk says:

    Those photos are a shock to see. Where’s Zélie Queen? It just isn’t the family without her dark eyed faces. And look how small Minty is! She can’t ever have been that small.

    • Jean Curtis says:

      This is a picture of mom in Eugene. We went down for Easter. Before the big Easter event at your place, we went to the park and watched the kids play. It was a beautiful day. The right amount of sun, shade and breeze. Mom loves to watch the children run around giggle. As do I.

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