Get Your Frites On

Sweet Potato and Potato Fries

I had some other HILARIOUS paronomasia on frites and / or sweet frites, but was completely distracted by Brent’s frites song of which I forgot. I’m sure it wasn’t “Get Your Frites On,” but it may as well have been.  He’s pretty good with music and random French cuisine.

beef bavette

We’re steak fingering our bavettes this evening and OH they shall be scrumptious. A bavette can be fried in animal fat with salt and pepper and enjoyed in a tender, tasty sort of way. I’ve also seen recipes that chuck an entire Saint-Marcellin cheese ball on top of a bavetter for kicks.  I’ve done that.  It tastes great!

I’d love to follow up with fluffed finish shots, but 1) I’m hungry and 2) I want to push that sappy kid post I did.  I totally said that out loud.




5 thoughts on “Get Your Frites On

    • Jean Curtis says:

      oh that’s cool. “Allumettes” also arrive in bacon form.

      America is straightforward:
      Fat Fries: Mojo(e)s.
      Skinny Fries: French Fries
      Fries That Smoke: Frites Parisian

      Though other tuberous entities also include:
      Hash Browns
      Home Fries
      Tater Tots

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