Happy New Year!

family photo 2013

For me, 2013 has felt like herding Curtis children and working with Brent on tasty beef and fixing the fencing and tidying the farm and meeting new nice people and enjoying life all at the same time. Meanwhile, the house disrepects us and stays a mess. It’ll be clean someday. Imaculate! And we’ll need to start some new projects that off mess.

I found a moment today and thought I’d take a family photo. I loved the one we took a few years back.


… or a few years back back

Yeah, I suppose I could have dolled them up a bit.  But no, I show it as it is.

family photo 2013


Otto spent his day moving his new herd of cows ( more on that later ) as well as helping Brent move the herd.

Minty ran around in her best winter summer dress and flip-flops.

Lucy worked with the new fluff ball.

Zelie did her own Hello Kitty make-up this time.  She’s fond of black.

Tosca was convinced to sit for a photo.

Fluff ball is still curious about what he signed up for.

This is how they rolled today.

As we ride out the rest of these glorious moments of 2013, the bubbles are chilling and the duck confit and foie gras are warming.  I’m very excited about 2014.  We have some wonderful new friends who love to help out.  We have new ideas and routine to support our farm.  We want to make it pertier.  We hope to feed more people.  We have a load of lovely beef getting ready.  They look great.

Last year I made the New Year’s Resolution to improve my French.  Total flop.  This year, I’m going to try again. I also will try to take advantage of Minty’s photo-bombing skills.

K. nuff said. It’s time to get that fatty liver on. I hope you have a great New Year. Make it great. You can do this!

minty photo bomb

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Nen says:

    You’ve provided many, many entertaining moments as we all watch your family glow, grow, groan and grass feed -thanks for sharing and we wish
    you a happy, healthy and wealthy 2014.

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