There’s A New Fluff Ball In Town

puppy and lucy

This little fluff ball came home with us yesterday.  Lucy is in charge.  She has her work cut out for her.  I think this sort of responsibility suits her personality ( read “bossy” ).  Also, it will take some of the heat off poor Otto ;).

new puppy

He is from Beauchasseur.  His kennel name is “Illuminatus,” but we’re working on his daily name.

4 thoughts on “There’s A New Fluff Ball In Town

    • Jean Curtis says:

      blah! Limahl! I used to love that song. You are good with the names 🙂 Though, Otto would have too much fun with Falkor. Trust me.

      ( … and thanks for the tyop! )

  1. Shirley says:

    Gorgeous Pup Have to say I was very tempted to keep him but I know he has gone to a superb home and people who
    Love their dogs. So I am really happy. how has Tosca taken to him or is he beneAth her notice

    • Jean Curtis says:

      She’s actually a bit perky with him. She’ll do the one-sided growl ( she can only raise the one side ). I think his presence has reminded her of her days back with all the puppies … and puppy food. They sleep next to each other by the fire.

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