The Best Steak I Ever Ate


I love this question.  You ask a person to name the best steak they ever ate and they will give you an earful.  It might be full of what crap steak they’ve had.  Or you may hear a few tales of steak enjoyed on a trip where steak is great.  Or they will tell you about their conversation with customs about the curious incident of a bag full of beef. But, pretty much, everyone has a steak story.  Ask the same of chicken or pork?  Not so much.  There is something about beef that gets you excited.


Me?  The best steak I ever ate has been tonight.  Kids giddy yet asleep for Santa.  Presents wrapped.  Husband resting.  Cats and dogs and cows all good.  We did a mince sale, but aged the good cuts.  Though we would love to sell these beauties, we need to try them first.  Then sell. Us Grasspunks, we are extremely concerned with flavor and texture.  This girl … the mince … made great mince, but what about her steaks?  Well, the filet mignon was amazing.  Amazing!  The best steak I ever ate. Maybe it’s the set and setting.  Maybe I was super hungry.  No matter, I will forever remember the filet I ate when everyone was sleeping, Santa had come and gone and the flesh was fresh.  Such flavor.  Such texture.  I will help to repeat this.

Okay now, ssssh! Don’t wake them. I’m enjoying this little moment of steak coma and calm. Go to sleep or he’ll miss your house!


A Trip Down Memory Lane

Ken's Head Has Been Found


The kids pretty much laughed out loud at this dude … er .. dudette … er k. I dunno, but we all shared a smile and were relieved that Ken’s head was at last recovered.



This guy just sipped some Stroh 80.  It pickles your face, evidently.

Baby the Large Zucchini


Otto tucked in a marrow.



Our first Christmas tree on the farm.



Don’t drop that baby!



” Cotinbow. ”  One of my favorite Otto pieces.

retriever mind tricks


Somewhere, somehow a retriever is watching.

and the cow jumped over


We had Mirandaise!  They were spirited.



Heifer ” 33 ” is known as “shit-head.”  A classic case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  She is a cow now how now?  And a great mum.

Kevin the Cockerel


R.I.P. Kev.  You were a good rooster.  A great rooster that delivered some lovely chicks.



The kids remembered, but I forgot about “Payback”  … we’ll finish up with that name.



Triangle North: a fertile paddock that keeps on giving.  LOVELY grass.  It’s happy to be alive.


Ho Ho, Merry Christmas, Bonne Fête à Tous and All The Rest


I have yet to write a Christmas letter.  I LOVE reading Christmas letters.  It is fantastic to see how well everyone is doing.  We once received a Christmas letter that was quite macabre.  I kept that one.  They totally said that out loud.

I’ve always toyed around with writing a Christmas letter that didn’t highlight the highlights of the year.  I was thinking something like a 2013 post-mortem listing all the ways we messed up throughout the year.   That’s not all that interesting for others.  Instead, I’ve done a review in pictures.  I suppose I’ll stick with that theme.  The cows have been well behaved minus a few advances to the next paddock.  We suffered from the one gastro bug ( Brent and Z excluded ).  My yuppie cashmere has finally started  showing fatigue … or is that patina.  I should be …uh …  Jean should be writing this in third person.  Jean took a few photos during deux mille treize that sum up our year.  Except for the part when Jean was dealing/raising a small dragon with her hunky husband.  Z is in school now, so we share training our dragon with the village.  Sometimes, it takes a village to train a dragon.


This barn cat is useless.  His fluffy, gray fluff will not distract from the fact that he is no mouser.  What a puffy gray fat pat!


Frites fried in tallow taste good. McDos was right!


This year, we used the big chain.  I don’t remember what for, but … we used the big chain!


An over-the-top solution to keep your fence up.  But isn’t it fun to drive the digger?


I discovered Madiran.  Yum yum Madi-yum.


The internet went down in 2013.  A few days ” offline.”  Crazy times.  Bumble bees were roasted.


It snowed!  And it was beautiful!  And then it went away!

Veal box!  So tender and so tasty.


We lost our happy neighbors to the great warm that is Australia.


We deliver to Bordeaux!


Bordeaux is beautiful!


It rained a lot.


The girls are loving the pasture.


This is breakfast.


The rye grass worked out well.


We have super cool new neighbors!


Z still loves her hats.


Our neighbors grow big lettuce.


I sat!

Lucy got really into cooking.


Kevin visit!  Oh the kids love Kevin.


Kids and Kevin do … Jean doesn’t know what they do.


Brent and Kevin test out the big frigo van.


Brent packs boxes for our customers.


The boys drink some hot cocoa.


My outdoor chair saw the light of day!


Minty stood still for her wax statue.


Z started school!  She can’t stop talking in French.  This is great for Jean’s French language education.
The family loves the siphon!  The tongue deal is not my line of genetics.


Nana cuddled with the girls.


Otto made a Tetris game with Lego.


Lucy is running the chicks.  Her forty beauties are laying well despite the cold.


Z helps in her super, wet barriered bear slippers.


Brent got a bit muddy.


Otto snapped this of Jean doing the Sunday sheet change.  You can tell Jean really loves the Sunday sheet change.


We set sh*t on fire.


Hunka hunka burnin’ love arrive.


This poor dog hit an all time doggy low with the floaty.


A new fluff-ball will arrive soon to start off our 2014.

A very merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year.  What are you up for next year?  Are you feeling calm?

A Couloir With A View



Today is gorgeous.  Frosty this morning, but the sun came out to dry and warm our surroundings.  This is my view when Z runs out to play and I catch up on bidness in my new office that lives in the hallway.



The herd is in!  Little brown and black blobs there.  They are still eating grass.  Hay will come soon, but we’ll keep on keeping on for the moment.


Tosca is perky as ever.  She’s an old dog, but she has a lot of life and spirit.  Also, she looks fabulous against this green grass.  Green works with her.


Big Cow Move The Other Day

photo by G

The herd moved into the pens and then to the front of the farm to finish the last of the 2013 alfalfa. That’s right, when the alfalfa lady stops singing, it’s time to open presents and prepare for your 2014 resolution. No weight loss regimes on this farm. We’re hoping for weight gain 2014 for the boys and girls. They are looking great and happy and healthy.

It’s been cold in the morning. Each day, Mr. Bus Driver will tell us another French cold joke. My favorite is the one where it is so cold the snail tentacles don’t peek out. Our girls are used to the cold, so this is nothing compared to where they are originally from. It’s practically Club Med for them.

Mr. G snapped a shot of Brent with the cows in the sun. Brent is talking to me on the “talkie walkie” about how it all went.

I love this shot.

Mince! Ground Beef! Friday the 13th


Beef sale this Friday!

No superstitions held here.  I learned quickly that most superstitions are tales by mothers to get your kids to behave and be healthy.

  • “shoes on the table will bring bad luck”

Yes, it  is also very dirty to have shoes on the table.  Please, dear, don’t do that.

  • “breaking a mirror will bring seven years bad luck”

And, my love, you will not clean up …. so I will have to.  I’ve cleaned up enough today.  So don’t break the mirror.  Can you post on facebook instead?

  • “open an umbrella in the house is bad luck”

Please use the umbrella when it is raining.  If it is not raining, you are playing with it and therefore will break it and I need to buy a new umbrella.  I don’t have the budget for this, thank you.

  • “garlic protects from evil”

Garlic also helps you keep away from cold and flu.  Cold and flu are evil.  We use it liberally with mince and the rest during these cold months.

  • “blowing out all the candles in one breath will bring you good luck”

Blow them out!  It means your lungs are healthy and I’m happy.

  • “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”

Eating seasonally, apples seem to do the trick when the colds set in.

  • “A sailor wearing an earring cannot drown”

Uh, yeah … uh, if he eats grass-fed mince, even more safer.  Go sailor!
So many ways to go with ground beef.  I’m excited to get cooking!

I should also add that, making a meatball in the month of December brings good luck!