The Little Book Of Calm


The Little Book Of Calm is a bit of an inside joke with our family.  We giggled away when it came up while watching Black Books, a great BritCom.  Much, much later, Brent bought The Little Book Of Calm for me as a great gift with giggles.  It’s been with us for quite awhile.

I never thought to actually read it until today.  Maybe it’s the mouse.  Maybe it’s the cold.  Maybe I was trying to locate a book on brain chemistry.  Whatever reason, I felt the need to share.

Today’s installment of the Little Book Of Calm is “Levitate”


Stand straighter and taller than you believe feels natural.  with an imaginary thread attached to the top of your skull lifting you a few millimetres ( or inches! ) above the ground.

The higher above the ground you feel, the closer you will be to feeling calm.

This Fish Is Up

Our friend Kent painted this picture.  It has always lived in the kitchen.  I’ve been trying to make a space for it, but for whatever reason – too many racks … no wall space – It’s been waiting backstage for an entrance.

It’s getting colder, you  see, and the mice are scrambling.  We have a small mouse reeking havoc about the kitchen.  Today has been operation kill mouse.  Yes, kill.  I don’t have the scalabiltiy to live-trap one mouse, take it three kilometers away and guard against its return.  No, no, I will happily trap it in a fatal way because hey, it ate through my hot water pipe ( thank you Jan for fixing it! ) , it ate most of my pantry ( a bit of money to spend replacing there ) and  the little penthouse and condo and vacation home it built … well, it stinks.  So I re-did the kitchen.  Oh so clean.  We brought the barn cats in for extra coverage.

In the meantime, at last, Kent’s artwork is back in the kitchen where it belongs.  Now I feel complete.  He said that he actually painted three fish, but only liked one.  He then painted over the two he didn’t like and one fish remained.  I really love this work.  We often explain his process to the children when they try to paint something they are not satisfied with. Look dude, just paint over that and leave what you love.

The Sun Is On


A warm day today!  I think we hit 6C, which is a lovely temperature after the negative C’s we’ve been having.  This evening, the sun came out and reminded us that it is still hot and shall be warming us very, very soon.  But first, some Christmas.  Oh and some January.


“Richter” one of the new bulls on the farm ( named by Brent for his amazing 9.5 score on the bull scale ), is enjoying the bright while snuggling into some hay.  You’ll be with the girls soon, Richter,  munch up you’ll need the energy.


The sun also shines on the hills and a farmer tidying up before he takes his daughter to fencing.


The sun also warms up the brick walls of our old Gascon farmhouse.  The cold is winning, but the fire inside keeps hope alive.


Tosca is finishing up her great find.  Could be a small bunny, an old bone or maybe she’s practicing her smile for when a small puppy might arrive.  Or is that a growl…

DSC_1607Mint is out without a coat, sweeping up.  I’ve tried several times to chuck that old broom, but the kids keep bringing it back into their games.  I must admit, it’s a solid broom, but too short for me to use.  Evidently, it can fly!

Feeling Dispreste?

Cyber Monday.  Black Pudding Friday …. oh it can be so much to deal with in this cold, dark season.  Otto set up a stand to help your troubles.  He offers such affordable rates.

With such amazing testimonials like:

I went!  I paid one cent! 

– Minty Curtis


Yeah,  Mom, where’s my other black pump?

– Lucy

Otto will get you back on track.  Just one cent.

The Otto is In.

… I forgot to add …

When you pay your one cent, Otto gives you a bit of chocolate.  Z worked this ” iMore ” system out quickly. With the toddler market, Otto’s revenue has increased 110%.  He’s now closing in two minutes.