Otto’s Herd


Otto built a fence to keep some cows. He moves them twice a day to make sure they stay fat and healthy.

Otto's herd

He keeps their water fresh.  It’s winter so even though there is some lovely pasture, his cows need a little extra hay to keep their condition.

After he sets up the fence for the next slice of grass, he let’s the cows through and winds up the fence.

Otto Moves his cows

Today was very exciting because cow 53 “Archimedes” just gave birth.  He’ll be number 52.  It’s an ‘h’ year for Otto’s herd, so its name will be “Hypocrite.”  The mum is doing fine and milked her calf straight away.

Archimedes has a calf

We also got to enjoy some steak from “Dude” the steer.  Otto worked hard on this marbling.  We’ll fry it up and see how it tastes.

Dude, the steak

Otto took some photos of his fences and pasture.  He worked hard on fencing the cows in.  After a day or so, he added a few more posts for strength.

Otto's Fence

His pasture looks great.  Lush, green long grass.  It was a good year for rain which helped … and also this is where Zélie’s paddle pool resides for the summer.

otto's pasture


But before he moves his herd, Otto helps Brent feed the bulls.

Looks like Otto hays left.

Otto feeding bulls


Brent hays right.

Brent feeding bulls

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