Merzbow and The Naughty Herd

the herd is in

It’s very noisy here.  Our kids, well, they are spirited and vocal.  Very often they all talk to me at the same time.  When Brent is out with the herd, he’ll “tweet” in what is going on with the Talkie Walkie. I love this because I like to know that things are all good.   I spend a lot of the day juggling tweets, requests, cow work, solutions, advice, philosophy,  and the next meal. … and the laundry and some version of cleaning.  … oh and maybe getting ahead.  It’s all very animated.

This morning or last night, the girls minded the gap.  A huge section of the fence ( three fences ) were ripped out.  We don’t know how or why.  It may be a Sanglier ( wild boar … and its family ) plowing through our fences.  It may be that crazy Deer Dynasty with their four babies, cousins and adults and fiesta-like attitude.  Whatever it was, the girls and boys had a few unexpected munchy moments in “the oat field”  where they shouldn’t be.  The pasture is soggy and wet at the moment, so Brent works hard balancing happy pasture with well fed cows.
peek at the peep

Oh Hello! Chooks!

I once choreographed a dance to Merzbow and made a small child cry.  To me, Merzbow is “negative reinforcement.”  Negative reinforcement is an uncomfortable, continuous action that is removed when desired behaviour is presented.  I will play this truly uncomfortable sound or shock you with low voltage electricy until you  do what I say.  For me, Merzbow is euphoric when the sounds stop.  But, you must first listen to the sounds.

Oh Hello! Shake!


And when it stops, you feel fantastic.  Like a great massage.

I try very hard to keep the house clean and lovely.  If you will imagine for a moment, a robber entering a target house.  S/He enters and sees a right mess.  It looks like the robber got it wrong.  It looks like this one has been done already.  Someone has entered the house, turned out the drawers, checked the freezer, ruffled all that was left to ruffle and found something or nothing.  But the job was done.  It could be other robber friends.  It could be four small children.  I don’t matter, abort mission.  Get out before they stop playing Merzbow.

I took a moment to clear some floor.  Okay, a few moments.  Yeah I see that little blob on the right needs to be put away.  And who’s going to chuck Ponyville!  It’s clear … ish.  And Merzbow stopped playing.

a clean floor

The cows are happy and fat and in.  The ground is soggy.  I feel some fence posts going in.  I love strong fences.  The kids go back to school tomorrow, so Merzbow or not … it’s on.

To give you a taste of Merzbow, here is classic Merzbow:

I played this for Minty.

Minty: What is that?

Me: listen

Minty: oh, I guess it’s nothing.

Now if this is too much, I found this album that is much easier on the ear.  But it shares no similarity to my life.

If you read this post again with the top Merzbow playing, these two things will stand out and make you happy:

“Oh Hello! Chooks! ”


“Oh Hello! Shake!”

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