A Lull Day Today For Me or Maybe It’s January Sixth


(photo by Steve Hanson) 

or Seventh in Gascon ( thanks for the insight, Fiona! ).

The kids have been screaming with laughter and excitement for two weeks.  Then presents.  Then play. Then the puppy arrived.  It’s been squeals, play, love and hatred for many of my waking hours.

They are at school now.  It’s so quiet. Ssssh. Sssh.

That mad rush to make Christmas magic is over.  That New Year you were to bring in was snoozed through.  It is now back to reality.

Beef, beef, tasty beef!

I had no idea that January 6th was the “down day”, but I feel it.  I’ve been ever so happy and energetic.  Today, not so much.  So much to work on.  So much to improve.  So many things you wish could be snapped into place.  Mary Poppins, where are you!?!

Otto is now working on a new story.  “To Make A Three-Year-Old Crack Up.”  I need to go now while he works his words. And I finish off a pork roast and a root mash to rule them all.

One thought on “A Lull Day Today For Me or Maybe It’s January Sixth

  1. Gladys says:

    Yes the morning light returns. The 6th is as dark as it gets in the AM. I love the name given to that date, Epiphany. Bring in the light.

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