A Flushing Toilet Cannot Be Stopped

lulu and lumi
I can remember saying this as a test manager about software I recommended not to release.  I think it came out as “Yeah! We shipped!  That toilet has flushed!!”  There are things that happen in life without the option to reverse action or “undo.”  Lumi had a big day out today.  Lucy was off school early, so I had to pick her up from school.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce him to car rides, people and the big city.  Oh sure the population is somewhere around three thousand, but to us farmers and a puppy, it is the big city.  We had a great car ride.  I carried him to the school from the car so he could get used to the sounds and cars.  I let him down on the leash to walk into school.  He did well.  Then, he did a squat.  “Oh no.  Not here,” I think looking around.  A steamy pile of puppy poo later, his HUGE load sat for review.  Without paper or poo-bag to clean it up, I quickly went to the office to pick-up Lucy.  After a huge cuddle with all the kids, Lumi, Lucy and I returned to the school courtyard with a plan.  I did a quick scoop and a toss in the can with a few outside giggles.  He did well in the big city and clearly left his scent.

And now, random page from The Little Book of Calm: Control Only What You Can Control

Be rigorous in differentiating between what is achievable and what is a waste of time.  Then devote your energies only to those tasks you can achieve ( pass on the others to someone else ).

Calm, Control

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