Mom Interrupted

Clearing the Orchard

I suppose you knew this already [ save state, handle interrupt ], but I had a moment of clarity, “I am constantly interrupted.” I love this realization [ save state, handle interrupt ] because I can understand why I get so grumpy when I try to [ save state, handle interrupt ]: pay a bill or sip some bubbly water or eat or walk down the hallway or go pee or [ save state, handle interrupt ] write this blog post or breath. Those who do not get interrupted may not realize the power they have to take a piss without someone or ones [ save state, handle interrupt ] detailing your next five actions. It will be so boring when they are off living life.

[ save state, handle interrupt ]

[ save state, handle interrupt ]

[ save state, handle interrupt ]

…. k, I’ll drop the joke, but seriously… they ( three of them, not including meowing cat or the puppy nibbling my trousers ) are talking to me now as I write. So, no, if this is weird, it’s not the wine … it’s the life. I love the life.

Clearing the Orchard

Since kid number one, The Dragon, I’m not sure I can sit down and do a task from beginning to end without twenty mini-breaks. There is one task I can do where no one disturbs me and that is chopping shit. I can’t hear them. What? Did you say something? I don’t even go that far.

Clearing the Orchard


Ooooo blackberry bubble wrap.

Clearing the Orchard


aaaah. that’s better.

Clearing the Orchard

We are slowly getting the pasture back to Teletubbie land. Salers, Teletubbies … the all love great pasture. There is something lovely about a great bit of grass to live on.

okay… dinner is ready, I’ve been making dinner through this. Some chops, some tartiflette, some “otto” veg. A great morning or evening to you!

2 thoughts on “Mom Interrupted

    • Jean Curtis says:

      The weather has been forgiving this year. We are able to start repairing our fencing and clean up bad brambles without freezing bubbles. We’ll see how long this will last.

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